Challenge #3 Inspiration – Skin & Muscle Definition

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Challenge #3 Inspiration – Skin & Muscle Definition

Hello Everyone!

hmmm…. it would appear I have scared you all too quickly. Looks like I need to build up to skin colours and definition. HAHA… come on… it’s not that hard!

In fact one of our fantastic Colour Addicts created this fantastic tutorial that I asked if I could share here.  A huge thank you to Dorinda for allowing me to share this with you here.

Dorinda writes…

This seems to be a scary task.  I’m no muscle expert but my darling hubs is a fitness junky. As easy as it was for me to visualize how the muscles should be, transferring to paper was not so easy.
As I’ve chosen a darker skin tone, it became more difficult to get the results without going too dark.
So I’ve decided to do a step by step, so to speak, of how the tones are achieved.

Startin with the arms. One of Desiree‘s arms is held up by her face. Similar to the position of this lady. The woman is not actually flexing to create a sharp muscle so this is perfect example of typical muscle tone appearance on a small/medium frame you look a Desiree‘s arm in that position, the muscle cut will appear from her armpit angling down around the “belly” rounded  part of the bicep. There will be a slight definition from the elbow area rounding out the bicep at the top arm
Desiree‘s arm that is down, will have a very sharp, thin definition from the shoulder muscle. I would recommend using the tip of a pencil to achieve this line. If using pencil, remember to do so after using your copics as the wax can clog the nib
In this image, the woman’s arms are more defined than Desiree but it will give a better idea of how the muscle can appear. As does the sketch to the left

In the leg, the quadriceps is the prominent muscle one will see more defined. It’s going to be oval or elongated from the top leg then curving in at the knee. the image on the left is a great one to demonstrate this area at the knee.

Then, you would go in adding the shadows and more subtle definitions as seen the lighter shading.

And if you really want to beef up your character, here’s some inspiration for that 🙂

Here’s my finished image of Desiree. I will get her carded, up and ready with a better picture soon.

I hope this has helped ease your worries a bit. 
As this was my first tutorial, I’d be thrilled if you’d leave some feedback or tips for future posts.

Thanks for stopping by.


Well Dorinda, I was so impressed that I had to share! Well done on your first tutorial as fantastic images you found to help show how you can try and gain insight on how to colour something by looking for a person or object in a similar stance or situation.


To view Dorinda’s tutorial and finished card,
make sure you pop over to HERE.






Stephanie has gone all out and share three cards! Two experimenting with different skin tones and another experimenting with definition.

Aren’t they just fantastic? Do pop over to her blog for all the details.






Delphine has created a card with definition




Ruby has shared her card with muscle definition – just look at those puffy cheeks!



This is one of my favourite images I have coloured practising definition in her legs




So don’t be scared!

Come on you can do it.

I’m sure Santa and Christmas Elves have muscles too you know. hahaha


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Big Squeezes!

Zoe xox

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