Annika from Ireland

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How long have you been colouring & how did you start?
I started dabbing a bit last year with Promarkers but never did much and nothing remotely decent either. Got seriosly into it in January 2010.

What area of the house do you colour in? Describe it to us.
In a craft room/room where furniture goes to die. It’s a biggest bedroom in the house full of all sorts of bits that don’t have a proper place in the house, bookshelves full of books and crafting stuff, ironing and my desk with loadsa plastic drawers around it. VERY messy and almost impossible to actually keep tidy.

What is your favourite colouring medium?
I guess my staples are Copics.

Have you experimented with other mediums? If so what are they?
Prismacolor pencils, distress inks, plain watercolours, Twinking H2O-s, chalks, wax crayons, watercolour pencils, Derwent Inktense pencils, acrylics, sure there’s more

Have you tried colouring anything other than paper?
Ribbon, canvas, metal, pearls, bling.

What is your favourite colour combination?
Love strong bold colours with dark shadows and sharp highlighting. Other than that it totally depends on my mood. I guess I do use a lot of shades of teal and yellow.

Do you select your papers and embellishments before colouring your images?
Erm…sometimes… (coughs excessively). I know I SHOULD, lets put it that way.

Other than Make it Crafty images of course, what are your favourite images to colour?
Anything by Phindy, Mo Manning, Crissy Armstrong. I want my images to have character and detail, that’s the main thing. I like an odd Magnolia and Bildmalarna too but find colouring these much harder.

What inspires you?
Everything around me. It can be just a lovely day or my kids antics or a specific sheet of patterned paper or a card I spotted on someone’s blog. I’ll just never know.

Do you have someone/s you aspire to colour like? If so, who or whom?
I used to “want to be” quite a lot of different colourists, to the point of borderline multiple personality disorder, lol. Then I understood that it’s much better to just be yourself. I admire a work of far too many crafters to list here and learn something from them every day but at the end of the day I’ll always do my own thing.

Share your favourite tip for your fellow colourers.
Just play and have fun. That’s what it’s all about. Really.