Leah from the USA but originally from Canada

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How long have you been colouring & how did you start?
MAYBE a year – I dabbled with some watercolour pencils a little before that but was horrible at it (and the paper I used was nasty!). I started because I took a horrible “class” at a small scrapbook store, and they provided us with a set of 12 Prismacolor Pencils. They were a DREAM to colour with, and I instantly saw the potential (and knew I could do so much better than the junk they’d “taught” us!). A couple of months ago, I treated myself to the complete set – all

What area of the house do you colour in? Describe it to us.
USUALLY I colour at the dining room table, which is poorly lit and horribly crowded. Our house doesn’t have much natural light at all, and often I’m just winging it, hoping that the colours will go together. Sometimes I get lucky. 😉

What is your favourite colouring medium?
Prismacolor pencils!

Have you experimented with other mediums? If so what are they?
Prismas are the only REAL medium I’ve tried – have yet to dabble with the Copics or Promarkers… Maybe someday! Watercolour pencils might be revisited in the future, with the proper paper.

Have you tried colouring anything other than paper?
I’ve used alcohol inks on metals and such, but the Prismas are rather limiting.

What is your favourite colour combination?
Any combination of the following – ORANGE, lime green, turquoise, royal blue (and throw in some yellow for good measure!).

Do you select your papers and embellishments before colouring your images?
Sometimes. If I have something specific in mind, then yes, but often I’ll just bring a bunch of images with me to a cafe or to my inlaws’ house (their lighting is SO much nicer!) and colour away.

Other than Make it Crafty images of course, what are your favourite images to colour?
Some Odd Girl, hands down! The lines are crisp and clean, they allow lots of play with shading and highlights, and they’re ADORABLE! (I may also be a bit biased, as one of my dearest friends is the artist, and I’m also on her design team)

What inspires you?
EVERYTHING! Music, clothing, nature, shapes and fonts and patterns and product packaging… things I see every day. Oh, and other crafters! I love to surf around the Blogosphere checking out other people’s crafting projects!

Do you have someone/s you aspire to colour like?
If so, who or whom? I see a lot of styles I like, but I don’t “aspire” to be “like” any of them… I love to do my own thing, and I may borrow ideas and tips from others, I prefer to colour in my own style.

Share your favourite tip for your fellow colourers.
NEVER assume that the tools and instructions provided by the manufacturers are the best! Personally, I cannot STAND the Prismacolor blending pencils – I prefer to use my lightest colour, or white, for my blendy business