#33 Challenge – Look Mom, No Lines

JLJDesigns September 3, 2011 5

Welcome back!

Thank you to all who participated last week.  We’ll be back on Tuesday with the winners.  We have a new gallery and a new way to enter challenges so read on for updates.

This week Make it Crafty is sponsoring the challenge and  Zoe is offering the winner their choice of FOUR digi stamps! 
Don’t forget, you’ll be entered to win two Make it Crafty if you use a MIC image on your card!


The Challenge!!

This week we want you to Colour with No Lines!

For digi images, take your opacity down to 20% or so or stamp with a light colored ink – grey, pink, tan…

With summer winding up the girls are making their way back to MiC after a much deserved holiday. I mentioned prior to the summer break that we were going to slow down a little and slow down on commenting. During this time I had been planning a new way to play!!

We promised some changes, so here they are.  I have set up a new gallery for sharing all our Make It Crafty projects. 
There will be a gallery for each challenge each week.  To enter the challenges, register for an account at the gallery and then post your card in the challenge entries gallery. 
The MIC DT will be haunting the gallery and leaving love.

To keep all the inspiration in one place, the DT will display all their inspiration in the challenge DT gallery, they will also link to the products used in the photo description.

The gallery for this week’s challenge is here.


Please welcome our September Guest

We’re also welcoming a new guest for September


Hanna works with distress inks and has such a gorgeous approach to creating cards.
I am sure you will gain much inspiration as she plays along with us this month!


Tips and Tricks


We’ll also be sharing the tips and tricks with you each week when we post the challenge so you can delve right in!!

Jane has shared some great tips for coloring images with no lines.  “When I started collecting Copics I ignored all the greys thinking I’d never use them, but from the 0’s to about 6 in all 4 ranges, mine get used alot!! We have all got in to the “blending” thing, shading with lets say 4 reds, showing where the sunlight hits with the lightest colour and or the colourless blender. Then of course working up to the darkest colour for the areas that would be in shadow. Then most of us tend to stop (me included) – why, because there is a nice black line to signify an arm, a leg or the bottom of a dress.

For me, the “no-lines”, headache inducing, chocolate munching (definite requirement) challenge that Zoe started was a wake-up call. Yep, I had been adding shadows to my work with the greys in the past but without really looking at the image properly, I was relying on those black lines to do a lot of the work for me.

Without the lines you have to show where an arm stops and a body begins – and shading or blending alone won’t do it. Yep, it gives a soft pastel like finish, which I love, but it lacks definition. Parts of my gingerbread Hanglar blurred into one another without the lines, because tonally it was all the same colour!!”

With Lines                                                               No Lines













“Now as you can see I have coloured this image before with lines – and although I have added shadows in certain areas others have only been shaded because I’ve got a black line!! Crikey it looks flat!!

Take the brim on the hat of the left hand one, the ribbon has no definition, whereas I added shadow to the no-lines and suddenly its looking more 3D.  Yep I’ve made bloopers on my first no-lines – I think we all have.  I’m learning to be bolder with my colouring, trying not to add too many layers of colour because in several areas it went sticky and shiny.

There is another good thing about the greys.  Look around the neck of the no-lines Hanglar – the colours I’d used were too bright, so I knocked them back with a pale grey.  Things in the foreground will be much more intense in colour, things in the background get duller – a great tip when you are trying to give depth to your work.  It’s how I have managed to make her right knee look further forward than her left – I added very pale grey to the left!!

Which grey?  Simple, look at the Copic colour wheel – I have a copy stuck up on the wall in front of me and refer to it constantly.  The colours will blend with a particular grey ie Cool Grey should be used with V’s and RV’s.  But I bet someone has spotted that one section doesn’t have a Grey!!  I use the Warm Greys for my reds, browns etc and occasionally the Cool Greys – it seems to work for me.

Finally – when do you I add the shadows?  Good question and that depends on whether the shadow is to be crisp, like those created when you have a very bright light source, or soft ones and or where you want to push something into the background more.  I’ve found for crisp ones you need to let the colours underneath dry a little whereas softer shadows benefit from the ink being a tad damp as it allows the grey to feather a little.  If you are covering an area with a pale grey it doesn’t really matter.  But make sure you’ve not got too many layers of ink (my biggest problem) because on occasion it will make the darker greys go shiny/sticky.”

You may also find it helpful to have a lined version of the image in front of you for reference.

We’ll see you in the gallery!

Happy Colouring!

The Colour Addicts





  1. Craftingallday/teresa September 3, 2011 at 9:42 pm - Reply

    Hanna’s cards have always been an inspiration to me she makes such stunning cards and projects. I will try to fit in this challenge with my others if I have time, although I can’t promise anything as wonderful as these cards above. hugs Teresa xx

  2. Shanna September 5, 2011 at 11:49 am - Reply

    Just wanted to know how to post a card in the gallery. I registered but when I go to the gallery I cannot figure out how to get my card on there…. Thanks!!!!

  3. Sandra P September 5, 2011 at 5:31 pm - Reply

    I have uploaded a picture in the gallery for the new challenge.
    Shanna, if you go to the gallery, click on the link to the place you want to upload. There is a little button up in the right corner saying upload. Just click there and follow the instructions. Hope it helped.

    Hugs Sandra

  4. Angela Maez September 8, 2011 at 10:28 am - Reply

    I tried uploading to the gallery, but it says my file is too big. I have been trying for 2 days! I can’t figure out how to upload. Help anyone?

  5. JLJDesigns September 8, 2011 at 10:34 am - Reply

    Angela – you’ll need to resize your photo. 800 pixels on the longest side is a good size for the internet. You can do this in any photo editing program – Paint, Photoshop Elements.


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