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A Very Colourful Christmas

A Very Colourful Christmas

November 20, 2017

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! This year has been great to Make It Colourful, and we want to celebrate with you by offering you 12% discount on all our collections. Just enter CODE: XMASGIFT.

On top of this, we’ve hand-selected 5 amazing Christmas packages at an unbeatable price. Each package includes one of our top 8 most popular MacBook Hard Covers, the bottom shell, a MacBook sleeve, a silicone keyboard protector, and a power bank and a computer chip from BioVibes. Take a look at these colour-coordinated collections here, and get yours while they last!

As you may know, conservation and environmentalism is a core value to Make it Colourful. In that spirit, we are doubling down on eco-friendly packaging on everything purchased this season. Rest assured, your items will still arrive safely and with whatever protection they require; however, don’t be surprised by the lack of unnecessary packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and other materials that go straight in the garbage can.

Are you interested in conserving this season and beyond? Here are some ways you can join the cause, and reduce your ecological footprint through 2018:

Reusable grocery bags: Plastic bags are one of the biggest culprits in landfill and water pollution, and unfortunately they show no signs of degrading. Bring your own bags when you’re out shopping, and buy in bulk to further reduce waste. Bonus: Reusable bags are often much bigger, sturdier, and more comfortable to carry!

Meatless Mondays: Going meatless even once a week can make a huge difference. Livestock industry is the single biggest contributor to gas emissions, so changing your eating habits to a plant-based or locally-sourced diet quickly reduces your environmental impact. Check out some amazing meat-free recipes here.

Responsible gifting: While you’re in the Christmas spirit, think about the long-term impact of the gifts you pick out. Is there are more eco-friendly way for you to package your gift, like wrapping in newspaper or reusing bags? Are you buying gifts that are high-quality, and avoiding cheap toys that will break after a couple uses?

Thank you for joining us on the path to a brighter, more green world!

Make it Colourful is proud to support this philosophy, and live by it by limiting as much plastic waste as possible. We believe if an organization supports a charity, walking the walk is as important as giving back! That’s why at Make it Colourful, we support an environmentalist philosophy with donations and by limiting our plastic waste as much as possible. Read more about how we engage with the community here.

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