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Be Auspicious in 2018 with Make It Colourful

Be Auspicious in 2018 with Make It Colourful

January 17, 2018

Get your dog picture printed on your MacBook cover and attract good vibrations this year in your life.

YEAR 2018 is The YEAR OF THE DOG. This year will be one to be earth grounded. Attract good vibrations by printing your best friend PET DOG on your or your child's MacBook cover.

Make it colourful just launched the customized MacBook covers. Be the first to take advantage of it. We offer this wonderful feature at the ridiculous price of 325HKD for the cover. Do not hesitate anymore and get the luck that you deserve. Put your dog or any dog picture on your MacBook cover and bring the luck to you this year!

Bottom shells are available and shall be purchased separately here.

Stay posted to see more auspicious products coming on this year with Make It Colourul®.


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