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First delivery completed!

First delivery completed!

December 09, 2016

Mac me colourful has successfully delivered the first orders of MacBook Hard Covers and silicone keyboard protectors. We had few Galaxy, Artists, 3D and Texture models.  It did not go without any problem, I should admit none that we thought that there won't be any problem at all. However, this is a learning process for us as well and we have identified the areas that need to be improved in our process. Our invoice are getting better, the glitches in the website have been fixed but more important we will work on to give you the best product we can hoping that we won't have to increase the cost.

I just want to mention that printing on plastic will never render as printing on paper like decals. However, we believe that plastic covers are a better protection for your laptop than just a sticker.

Again, I would like to thank all the customers who believed in us and took a chance with a first order and hope that you are enjoying your purchase.

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