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June 22, 2017

Your child is in Year 5 going to Year 6 or in Grade 4 going to Grade 5 next term, you probably know which MacBook they will use at school. It's time to order now! Do this quickly especially if you have special request and the hard cover is not in stock. Please check our brand New Designs, your child may find something they like there.

We maintain the best MacBook hard covers online selection in HK! Our hard covers are affordable, colorful, high quality, extremely light and offer the best protection for your child's precious computer. We have over 200 different designs (All Designs), many new designs such as the graffiti collection, to suit your child style and personality. Just go on our website and make your selection as soon as possible.

Please do not forget to order the bottom shell at the same time for a better breathing of your MacBook. The bottom shell will allow you to install a BioVibes chip in the future or, even better, at the same time, to protect your child against the harmful electromagnetic radiations from the Wifi.

We have also a large selection of silicone keyboard protectors to match your child's hard cover. Please register to our generous reward program and accumulate quickly points for your next purchase. Thank you for shopping on www.makeitcolourful.com.hk! Find the Most Popular Designs here.

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