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Happy Valentine! Enjoy 30% Discount on ALL BioVibes Products on Feb 13th and 14th

Happy Valentine! Enjoy 30% Discount on ALL BioVibes Products on Feb 13th and 14th

February 12, 2017

Promotion code: FORMYLOVE.

For two days only, we offer you 30% off on ALL our BioVibes products. Give this special gift on Valentine's day to your love one and you will change his/her life! If you are from DB, order before noon on February 14th and get it before 5pm on the same day!

Do you charge your mobile phone near your pillow or do you sometimes forget to close your WIFI router in your bedroom? Then, this is a must to have for you as many studies have proven that the electromagnetic radiations are affecting the central nervous system starting by disturbing your dream phase up to causing dizziness and headaches.

Recently, after a post, I got a comment from someone saying that all the radiations awareness was just a scam. He said that there was no such thing as effect on body from radiations. I was very surprised that there was still people in 2017 who believe this.

First the radiations effects from mobile devices is certainly not a scam. It is scientifically proven that those electromagnetic radiations are directly affecting the level of energy and health of the human body. There are studies performed all over the world by well known doctors and scientists to prove this. You will find just a very few of them here. In fact, the radiations are affecting the growing of the cells and are directly interacting with the central nervous system. Now it is also known that keeping your mobile phones in your pants pocket can even affect your fertility if you are a male!

The Chinese community is starting to be very concerned about these effects as, you have probably noticed, the Chinese young people are big users of smartphones and wireless computers. I have added an article in Chinese that confirms those studies and even more. Please refer here to know more about the Chinese community concerns about electromagnetic radiations.

My interest for electromagnetic radiations did not appear from yesterday. Many years ago, when my husband was working for "feu" Nortel, we were questioning why so many of my husband's colleagues at that time working near the radiations, at levels probably much higher than our cell phones though, were having only daughters. At that time, no serious studies were published yet but we all had a doubt and joking about it.

Now, we have the chance to protect ourselves at a very reasonable price. Why hesitating? The poorest countries like Philippines have already taken the step.

I hope this blog will help you to better understand the importance to protect yourself and your children against these radiations. If you have any comment, please feel free to drop it by my email: info@macmecolouful.com. Thank you and hope you will enjoy this promotion.

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