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June 12, 2017

Most recently we have noticed a change in the level of expectations from the iPhone users when it comes the time to choose their device case protector for the next year or two. For a long time, having just a simple transparent or uni-colored soft gel case was good enough. But now, people are looking for a case that allies at the same time, a nice looking, ergonomic with a good grip and that will keep the slim shape of
Cherry Wood
their cells. We have also noticed that the higher class of phone cases are using a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) inner case which will slowly replace the old PC case that was easy to break after repeatedly pushing the charger in the phone making sometimes the phone to slip out of the inner case.

PU Leather - Cherry wood

The first cases that were sold were mainly made of silicone or TPU material often transparent or uni colored. This trend is now over as the suppliers mainly in China have slowly understood the real customer needs and came up with new styles that offer both the grip, the slim look and remain really fashionable like this combination of faux-leather purple brown with Cherry wood veneer.

This is what Make it colourful would like to offer you: a combination of two fashionable materials, the genuine wood and the high-quality PU leather in a TPU inner case using a harmonious design. We have worked with our supplier to develop this unique concept Lens accessories on wood-pu leather caseswhere the PU leather offers a good grip on the phone while the genuine wood would give some strength feeling and an elegance touch to your devise.

Some customers reported that the wood and the precision cutting of the camera hole are both protecting very well the extra lens accessories purchased at the Apple store.

The advantage of these materials is that each iPhone case is unique and no two cases are Horizontal Blue all differentever the same. I used these two examples to show you that none of the cases here is identical to the other one. Please look carefully to those two models and you will realize that they are really unique and NO TWO CASES ARE EVER SAME.

They have been designed and handmade with an optimal cut-out for camera, microphone and flash in order to continue to take great photos without any impediment.

Ebony and Rosewood StripesWe offer 10 different models for all types of personality! 7 models with a more classy look with a mix of faux-leather and 100% genuine veneer wood and 3 models with 100% genuine wood veneers such as Ebony and Rosewood stripes, Rosewood and Cherry Wood.

The inner case in soft TPU material allows you to install the radiation neutralizer chip for cell phones from BioVibes directly on the iPhone instead of on the case itself avoiding stick in and out when changing the case.

These wood and faux-leather cases are also very popular in Europe and they make a very personalized gift to your friends and loved ones. We will sell them soon with a super anti-shock glass that will protect the screen of your iPhone for a complete protection of your device.

Men's favorite wood-leather casesAfter showing all our models to some key customers, the models that seem to please the most to the men are the Ebony and Rosewood Stripes, the Rosewood, the vertical smooth PU leather with the bamboo wood and, of course, the horizontal blue faux-leather and bamboo. We have developed one model with a smooth black faux-leather for more comfort for men.

Father’s Day is coming really soon! That would make the perfect gift for your husby! Many have already purchased them.Women's favorite wood-leather cases

As per the ladies, they just love the all cherry wood veneer one and all the horizontal faux-leather and wood models. The faux-leather is wrinkled to give a natural look with all different designs. Honestly, I prefer the vertical purple with cherry wood. I am sure you can find one that you like!

My favorite case

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