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Make It Colourful: A Year In Review

Make It Colourful: A Year In Review

January 17, 2018

2017 was a wonderful year to Make It Colourful! This was our very first year of operation, and we quickly gained a following around the world. We developed a strong following particularly in Discovery College, South Island School, and Canadian International School of Hong Kong, and nearly sold out of our flagship product, the MacBook hardcover case.

Make It Colourful, A Year in ReviewDue to your support, we were able to introduce several complementary products like 10 colours of the ever-practical, washable computer sleeves, and several BioVibes products which reduce the impact of the harmful WIFI radiations. We also began carrying heat sensitive and wood-PU leather cases for iPhones 6, 7 and 8, which are of fantastic quality and have proved especially practical when it is time for a parent to upgrade your iPhone, and pass on your old one to your child. We have also introduced the colourful power banks and soon will launch assorted short USB cables for 3 different types of device connections.

Another exciting update - we are beginning this year with our official Trademark registration and we are proud to announce our addition to our brand name Make It Colourful®!

Make It Colourful is expanding rapidly, and we hope to continue growing our partnerships and offerings through 2018. We would like to expand to more international schools like Hong Kong International School, Hong Kong Academy, Harrow International School, among many others. We just recently launched a totally unique, customizable MacBook hardcover, which prints a high-definition version of your own photo – all for a shockingly competitive rate! In addition to personal travel or pet photos, this service can also empower companies to print their own logo or advertisement on computers provided to employees.

As we consider each new product, we keep our core values in mind. Every device is designed to relieve tension in the families; a) with their pre-teenagers and teenagers carrying their own devices around school and other activities, b) who are facing the harmful effect of tremendous amount of radiation exposure through their devices or routers, and c) with scarring feeling when your pre-teenager is not reachable on his device because of a lack of power, or d) with day-to-day concerns like school clothes being lost because not properly labelled with name tags. As a mom of two girls, one pre-teen and one teen, I know exactly what causes this tension in families! I am dedicated to helping families like ours, by offering high-quality products that will keep your tech safe and bring joy to your family.

Thank you for your great support and I wish you all the best for 2018.

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