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New Radiations Neutralizers from BioVibes available on Mac me Colourful

December 31, 2016

Mac me Colourful is proud to support BioVibes products and gives you access to a "Must to have" radiations neutralizers for your wireless devices.

Since 2007, many scientific studies and governments have recognized that electromagnetic radiation is a real danger to health of the users. An obvious correlation is shown between this form of radiation and the risk of: headache – chronic fatigue – stress – tinnitus – insomnia – cancer – irritability – insomnia – autism – infertility – and more.

BioVibes offers a perfect solution adapted to each radiation source that affects your daily life!

Biovibes solutions are 100% natural, do not reduce thesignal’s quality and have no contraindications for its use. The life expectancy of those solutions is unlimited. Each source of electromagnetic radiations has been tested with the right amount of material to give you the best result.

For mobile phones, BioVibes has developed a chip of a unique stone that you stick on the back of your phone. The field of action is a radius of about 15 cm around your device. This chip can fit all models of mobile phones and will be enough to neutralize the radiation effect of your cellular.

For laptops and computers, BioVibes has developed a chip of a unique stone that you stick on the bottom of your computer. Stick the chip ideally in the center on the Bottom Shell that you would have purchased with us. The chip has an action on the emitting and receiving radiations of about 38 cm radius around your device. This chip can fit all models of laptops and computers. If can not install at the bottom of your laptop just install at the bottom of your back screen. * Fits perfectly iPads and other tablets as well.

Your router is also an important source of transmission of electromagnetic waves in your home. Indeed, it emits and receives data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's easy to protect your family from electromagnetic waves with the Solutions Biovibes. This pyramid, once deposited on your WiFi router, will filter the radiations from this device, giving you the expected effect.

For a maximum effect, it is recommended to use the other products from Biovibes for all your home wireless devices like the Cell Phone Chip and the Laptop and Computer Chip.

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