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Our New Heat-Sensitive Cases for iPhone 7

Our New Heat-Sensitive Cases for iPhone 7

August 10, 2017

Our new heat-sensitive cases are now available just for you! This is an amazing new product made of a material that has the property to change color with heat or cold contact. This will bring hours of pleasure to you and your children. The heat-sensitives cases come in two models, a back case and a flip cover case for iPhone 7. Good news, they also fit the iPhone 6 model. 

The back case model comes in 4 colors... and the flip cover in 3 colors: Black turning Green; Brown turning Green; Green turning Light Green; and Red turning Yellow.

Black turning light green

... and the flip cover cases come in 3 colors: Purple turning Pink; Coffee Black turning Peach Blossom; and Green turning Light Green.

Both cases provide a slim fit to your phone and is easy to slip in a pocket, a purse or a bag. The flip cover cases offer the advantage of a window to see the clock at any time without opening the cover, a card slot inside the cover, the standing up position and will close with magnets. When the cover is opened, it stays closed.

For more details click on those links: heat-sensitive back case for iPhone 7 and heat-sensitive flip cover case for iPhone 7.

We strongly recommend that you get a Super Anti-Shock Screen Protector with your back case for your iPhone for a complete protection.

For more information, please contact Genevieve at info@makeitcolourful.com.hk. I will be pleased to introduce you to this new product.

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