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Radiations Effects on Your Long Term Child's Health!

Many governments and agencies now agree that electromagnetic radiations are responsible for certain symptoms and diseases. Here are some excerpts and summaries of official reports.


In June 2015, a complete report on the subject was tabled by the Standing Committee of Health (Canada). Here are some excerpts:


…The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified expose to radio frequencies in the category of potentially carcinogenic to humans.”


… According to one study, sperm exposed to cellphone radiation stops moving, their genetic material is damaged, and they die.”


…Chemical and physiological changes in cells that have been identified in cases of autism have nearly all been linked to the effects of electromagnetic frequencies, including radiation from radio frequency.”

Other Concerns when Exposed to Radiations

Electromagnetic Hypersensivity

…Symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity include headaches, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, sleep problems, difficulty concentrating, poor short term memory, mood disorders including depression and anxiety, dizziness, nausea, and tinnitus.

Up to 3% of the population, or one million Canadians, have symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity that are so severe that they cannot function in the modern world.

  • « In Sweden, we have noticed that mobile phones, whether they are cellphones or cordless phones, pose a cancer risk […] up to four times higher »;
  • The research of Alexander Lerchl, which showed that “the electromagnetic fields contribute prominently to tumor growth”;
  • « a large case-control study conducted in France found that there was a two times higher risk of gliomas, the most malignant form of brain tumor, after two years of exposure to cellphone radiation. After five years, the risk was five times higher. »;
  • « Seven reports of cases of women who contracted an unusual form of breast cancer exactly where they would put their cellphones in their bras. »;
  • « Three epidemiological case-control studies (INTERPHONE in Europe, Hardell in Sweden and CERENAT in France) found an increased risk of brain cancer in major long-term users ».

«…Children are not small adults. They are still growing and developing and factors that may disturb the various stages of this development can impact them for the rest of their lives. »

Doctor Bray commented that « the people most likely to suffer from electrosensitivity are fetuses, children, seniors, the disabled, and people with predisposed conditions…».


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