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Blue with Brown Veins Marble



* Top and Bottom

* Thin and Light Plastic Shell (only top shell is printed)

* High-Quality Printing Process Coated with Oil Transparent Paint for a Better Grip

* HANDMADE ITEM: Customisable for ALL MACBOOK LAPTOP SIZES. If you cannot find your MacBook size, please select OTHER MACBOOK SIZE and SEND A PIC OF THE "A1XXX" CODE LOCATED UNDER YOUR MACBOOK to info@makeitcolourful.com along with your order number. Takes from 2 to 3 working days to produce and 2 to 15 days to deliver to your door with tracking at very reasonable rates. Buy any 2 MacBook cases and get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.

* All MacBook Sizes including NEW MACBOOK Pro 16 inches (A2141) PRO RETINA 13.3 inches (A1502/A1425) NEW MACBOOK PRO 15 inches (A1990/A1707) AIR 11 inches (A1465/A1370) RETINA 12 inches (A1534) PRO RETINA 15 inches (A1398) OLD MACBOOK PRO 13 inches (A1278) OLD MACBOOK PRO 15 inches (A1286).

Buy 2 Cases, Get Free Worldwide Shipping

We do ALL MACBOOK SIZES. Order before December 15th and get it for New Year!

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