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Don't know which design or what MacBook size


* You don't know which design or don't know your MacBook model, don't worry. I have created this option to relieve all the stress of making any mistake in the ordering process. We will sort this out later by corresponding. Just make sure you leave an email address to complete your order. I will make sure that you will have the greatest purchasing experience ever and will be 100% satisfied.

* HANDMADE ITEM: Customisable for ALL MACBOOK LAPTOP SIZES. Takes up from 2 to 3 working days to produce and 2 to 15 (remote areas) to deliver to your door at reasonable rates. Buy any 2 MacBook cases and get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.

* Using the latest 3D Printing Technology available to print COLOURFUL DESIGNS on a high-quality low carbon, non-toxic and environmental friendly hard cases in polycarbonate material.

* NEW! RUBBERIZED FINISH matte effect for the longevity of the case and better grip; two-pieces cases, TOP AND BOTTOM shells, easy to snap on and off; EXTREMELY THIN and ULTRALIGHT; provides A FULL PROTECTION from dust, shock, scratches, scuffs and other daily damage; the BOTTOM SHELL allows your laptop to breath and to prevent overheating. NO CUT OUT APPLE LOGO.

* Other models available include: NEW MACBOOK PRO 16 inches (A2141) PRO RETINA 13.3 inches (A1502/A1425) NEW MACBOOK PRO 15 inches (A1990/A1707) AIR 11 inches (A1465/A1370) RETINA 12 inches (A1534) PRO RETINA 15 inches (A1398) OLD MACBOOK PRO 13 inches (A1278) OLD MACBOOK PRO 15 inches (A1286).

* For customization with your or your child's name, please provide the name, the name location (bottom right, center or left, choose only one option), the characters font and the font color. The bottom shell is available either in a matte clear or black color. Please select the one you prefer for your MacBook case.

Interactive process!

Please make yourself available for back and forth communications to speed up the approval process. Provide an email address for the draft pictures.

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